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Can't See the Wood for the Trees

The romantic vision of majestic trees and the idea that these silent sentinels have born witness to multiple generations across their long lives, is one that is universally loved.


This project explores the impact and benefit of trees within our urban environment: a creative and scientific collaboration examining the role of trees within the city.


This new photographic work from John Davies and Tabitha Jussa working in collaboration with Dr Andrew Hackett-Pain, Dr Morag Rose from the University of Liverpool and Jon Power of University of Chester has seen Davies and Jussa explore green spaces within Liverpool, focusing on the value of trees past, present and future.


John Davies has combined his artistic practice with his active interest in helping to protect open and green space within our urban environment. 

His work in this exhibition is from various projects relating to sites that have been threatened by building development plans or the loss, or potential loss, of green space in Liverpool. The destruction of trees is an inevitable casualty of these development schemes.


Tabitha Jussa has focused on Oglet shore in Liverpool, a modest pocket of unmanaged woodland.  Her work explores the sense of escape that can be found within an urban wilderness, a rare opportunity to reconnect with nature and feed the soul.

The trees and woodlands have been explored from a microscopic and macroscopic level that begin to reveal their complexities, highlighting the beauty and importance of our local nature both for our own wellbeing and also for that of our planet.

Tabitha Jussa - Freelance Artist / Photographer

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